How long have you been a member?
2 years

What has the PACC done for you?
The PACC started as a place to go to in the winter to get out
and moving, but has turned into much more. The members
have been so thoughtful and encouraging when they see my
son Brody and me working out. They really are yet another
example of what I see so much in this community! Such a great
place! We feel lucky.

What is your favorite activity at the PACC?
I have really enjoyed the classes offered but also love the new

What is your favorite memory of the PACC?
Having a few of the “snowbirds” waiting for me and my son to
get to the gym because they were going to be leaving for the
south and wanted to get to say goodbye to him because they
wouldn’t see him until spring! So sweet!

The PACC is OPEN!! We have capacity and other restrictions we need to adhere to, and we appreciate your patience, understanding and compliance to keep the PACC a place for all to feel comfortable and enjoy safely. 

Please see our ‘What’s New’ page for complete list of restrictions and building hours.