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Imagine if you possessed the tools to see your employees’ individual personalities.  How deep could you establish relationships that could take your team to the next level? This report is key for taking peoples self-awareness, others-awareness, and intentionality to a deeper level. To truly understand what might be getting in their way from time-to-time; to own their whole story.
This Profile package deal let’s you and your team go through the workbook at your own pace.  Allowing every team member to learn through a variety of different ways.  There are podcasts to listen to and discuss, assessments to complete to dive deeper into a topic, and throughout the workbook there are times that you will need to reach out to our certified facilitator to come in and provide deeper feedback or lead a meeting on different topics.

Cost is $124.99 per person.

When you purchases the package, you will receive the workbook in the mail.  Inside will be a QR code (and a URL) that you will access to complete the ADW | Profile.  Once completed, the Strengths and Facilitator Reports will be unlocked and you will receive and email from us letting you know what the next steps are.
Click here for your link for the Workbook + Profile package
If you have any questions, contact Leigh Shebeck at 218 346-9841 or email

Provide outstanding insight into not only keeping your board engaged, but to deliver focused
ongoing training to help your organization run more effectively through the different
personality profiles


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