4 Fall Fitness Tips

This is a great time of year to enjoy exercise outside. The sun, mild weather, and cooler evenings are perfect for a walk, run, or bike ride. Soon, we will start to lose sunlight and warm days, which means many people will find it hard to squeeze in a workout.

Follow these simple steps:

Plan Ahead

Decide on your indoor or outdoor exercise in advance. Decide which time of day is best for you and plan accordingly. If morning is when you want to exercise, have your clothes ready to go the night before. For evening workouts, bring a change of clothes with you.

Willingness to Change

Be willing to change your routine depending on the seasons. Changing your routine can help the body burn more calories and avoid boredom.

Find an Fitness Class

If the gym is not your preferred workout environment, finding an exercise class that you enjoy is a great option. Many local gyms, recreation centers and fitness studios offer a variety of group exercise classes.  Check out The PACC’s Fall Fitness Class schedule and try out some of the new classes!
Building a community around your workouts can help hold you accountable.

Fuel Your Body

Lots of fruits, vegetables, and water will help your body stay energized longer.
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