The original Thursday night class started in 2015 with the intent of offering a class with similar demands of being a firefighter. A class consists of lifting, carrying and pushing objects as well as overall strength/stamina training required to do these tasks effectively. There are 4 basic parts to the class as follows:

1. Warm up-This is intended to get the heart rate elevated and to warm up the muscles to prevent injury. It consists of squats, planks, and push-ups along with linear movements like walking lunges and bear crawls.

2. Barbell movement-This is intended to improve strength and is done under close supervision. Most movements are covered here including deadlifts, cleans, front squats and overhead press variations.

3. Gymnastics-Handstand, plank, push ups variations are incorporated to improve shoulder stability, balance and to push the trainees beyond their comfort zones.

4. Conditioning-This is intense, high-heart-rate activity that few average gym goers achieve by training alone and/or without any professional guidance.We include tire flips, sled pushes, sand bags, kettlebells, slam balls, med balls, dumbbells, jump ropes, row machines, barbells and running.

 Important notes

-My class starts at 5:30pm every Thursday and is done by 6:30pm.

-On the barbell movements, proper technique is encouraged over using more weight.

-There is a range of weight for all of the objects to fit the different strength levels of each trainee.

-Questions are encouraged at any time during the class.

-Participants can sit out any part of class that they are not comfortable with and are encouraged to rest as needed.

-There is always options to scale movements to fit the trainees experience level.