How long have you been a member?

 Pretty much the whole time I’ve been a member of the community.  I started using the facility in High School, intermittently as a young adult when I was in the area visiting, and I’ve become more seriously dedicated and consistent since I moved home, raised a family, and have gotten older.  It’s a great community resource and I am very excited to see all of the positive changes coming up in the PACC’s future!

 What has the PACC done for you?

 I’ve been doing physical training at the PACC with Pete Marjamaa for approximately 4 ½ years, and doing that in conjunction with making significant dietary lifestyle changes  through Sanford Profile out of Fargo has allowed me to become much healthier. Between training with Pete at the PACC and fundamentally changing my eating habits with Profile I’ve dropped over 80lbs., and I am much more physically fit.  My overall health is better at 43 than It was at 33. It is never too late to make positive changes that will have significant impact on your life, and if you have a good solid plan and great people to work with they can happen much quicker than you’d ever believe.

 What is your favorite activity at the PACC?

 I’m a weight room guy.  I am fairly focused when I’m in the weight room, and I really like to do all types of weighted carries, concept 2 rowing, pulling/pressing weights, weighted ball slams, battle ropes, tractor tire flips, and trap bar work, especially when we can sneak outside in the summer.  I have a love/hate relationship with pushing the prowler sled, as I know it works me the hardest for cardio (love), but also kicks my butt the most afterwards (hate). I really enjoy training with Pete in general, as he’s always good to talk to even if your too winded to provide your half of the conversation. 

 My other favorite activities I enjoy at the PACC is swimming with my kids in the pool, and going to the different home & sports shows that rotate through the PACC.  I also like visiting with the staff and with other member’s when I’m at the PACC. 

 What is your favorite memory of the PACC?

 Some of my favorite family memories is taking my daughter to play in the gymnasium, swim in the pool, and to swim lessons, and watching my son in first LAP’s and later Perham Swimming.  I also try to follow the weight room example of my son Gavin, as he’s an excellent and dedicated weight room motivator, He’s also challenged me to see who between us will have the best beach body next summer (2020) so I definitely have my work cut out for me.

REMINDER!!! We are closed September 5th.
As much as we would love to see you, we are closed in celebration of labor day. Thank you!