Have you ever wondered what it is like to work with a Personal Trainer? Well you are in luck! Deb was willing to document her journey working with Joey and share her experience.  Thank you Deb for sharing your story with us! 🙂

Female age 63, feels 58 & retired. Moderately active seeks to gain endurance and strength to prep for golf season.
Improve Strength (golf swing)
Maintain Flexibility
Increase Endurance
Less effort on golf swing
Ability to walk the course without tiring
My sides don’t get sore after 18 holes
BONUS MEASURE: lost inches and/or pounds (lower BMI). 175 lbs?
Walking 1 Hour 3-4x week
2x week Pilates
2x week weight lifting class
Pickleball: 2x week
Golf 2x + /week summer & fall
Weak right ankle
Weak Left piriformis muscle
I love food and drink (not really willing to eliminate anything in diet)
Open to new experiences
Willing to modify diet/lifestyle
Not willing to eliminate anything in my diet….only modify.
I rarely drink soda, but like wine! 😎
Learn something new
Create new social contacts
Learn how to best utilize PACC
Improved overall physical health
A little overweight
Moderately hi cholesterol
Overall, healthy and fairly fit
I like: Body pump, Pilates, Zumba, yoga, golf, pickleball, biking, rep rebock
I sleep 7-8 hours average per night
Decided to get some professional training to help me get into shape the golf season! Won’t it be nice to start the season out strong? I am pumped!
Night before first session: FEELING HESITANT…
Went to weight lifting class on Monday (first time since back from FL) and I am so stiff and sore! Also thinking about how I am 63 and he is 23, he is fit & I am not, he is quiet & I am not… will we get along? So many thoughts pass thru your mind before you try something new. I tell myself it’s going to be great. Hoping the PT session will go ok since I’m already in some pain; but so excited anticipating what’s to come. I am telling myself that I can do this! Yes I can!
Week 1 Session 1: I CAN DO THIS!
You always wonder if you’re going to click when you meet someone, right? No worries here, Joey is easy to get to know and I immediately see he had my agenda in mind with each series we do! This is going to be great!
Will I get stiff and sore? Yes, but I feel this really helped wake up some extra sets of muscles that really needed it! I decided to end my session with stretching in a yoga class! Big win – I made it through my first session and I liked both the trainer and my the experience! I wouldn’t say that I like the rowing machine, but I can see myself using it in the future! What a great overall workout!
Can’t wait for a long soak with Epsom salts in the tub and pop an Advil before bed!
Week 1 session 2: ADVIL IS MY FRIEND
We did the same workout as the first session which I was grateful for! (It’s easier to do something that’s a little familiar!). I soaked in the tub after my last session and it really helped with easing soreness. I feel like I won’t get as sore now…hard to believe but I already feel stronger!


Stay tuned to read more about Deb’s journey! 🙂


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