I feel STRONG.. like a deeply rooted tree. Our team was first out and we were all walking. We set a steady yet swift pace. With each swing of the club I wondered when I would tire. I didn’t! I felt strong and energized beginning to end. My sides didn’t get sore because I was swinging the club with less effort and less frequently. I was able to swing smoothly and with less effort. My score was greatly less than my overall best – BONUS. Less effort brought more accuracy, less frustration.
I can’t explain the impact that having physical confidence can bring. I really didn’t think this training would have such a positive impact overall..in personal spirit, physical strength and sense of well being. Thank you so much Joey and Carly for guiding me on this “get fit for golf” journey!

Week 7 last session: STILL GOING STRONG
Today was a challenging workout as usual, but felt great knowing I could do it and felt proud of myself when it was done. Realizing the impact of improved physical health has made in my life, I focused on the positive results vs trying to catch my breath or grunting out loud! 😎

You can do more than you think..
Regardless of issues or weaknesses, a personal trainer can work with or around those roadblocks and get you back on track.
Everyone has different goals and measures of success.
Approach the experience as something you decide to “give it your best”, and you will surprise yourself. Attitude is everything.
If you are uncomfortable about something, hesitant or afraid feel free to discuss with your trainer. They are your partner!
Life is too short to spend it on the sidelines! Enjoy the life you’ve been given!