Week 2 Session 3: FEELING STRONG
Played Pickleball as my warm up before today’s session. Glad my muscles were no longer sore because today we increased weights and sets! It was tough! I hate to sweat, but there was sweat flowing everywhere! I feel the burn, and I think I like it! It is especially nice having someone to cheer you on and to give you challenges that you can actually achieve and feel self pride. I’ll likely be sore again, but probably not too bad! Don’t tell my husband I can carry 60# weights or I’ll be helping with yard work! Joey swore he would keep this ‘our’ secret.
If you have never gotten your heartbeat up by slamming a medicine ball to the floor from overhead, followed by kettle-ball swings, you haven’t lived! LOL.. an overall fantastic workout after a morning of Pickleball and Rep Reebok class! I went home to soak in a tub and off to bed at 9 pm. Totally wiped out. Next day my entire core was screaming.. glad I have the weekend to recuperate. I’m going to be in great physical shape! Thank you Joey for giving me the extra push!

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