Week 3 Session 5: ENERGIZED
Looking forward to this workout day with Joey to tell him about how I felt physically whipped last Friday. Good news is that today I feel stronger than ever! So we had another strong session and yes, it did include kettle-balls and medicine balls and so much more. But… I DID IT! We upped weights a little so I took extra time to roll out muscles on the foam roller. Feeling so full of energy, so I played pickleball too! It also helps that the sun came out today, I’m really pumped! My trainer Joey is so inspiring, so supportive, the hour sessions just fly by!

Just when you think you have it figured out, you find that you don’t! Today was transitional for me. It was the first time I didn’t know if I could do what was asked of me. The good news is that trainers are so educated and experienced that they know how to push you just enough to keep challenging and yet are always there to modify if needed! I was challenged indeed, but surprised myself in what I could do! Who thought I’d be doing things like a suitcase carry, chopping wood, kettle ball swings, deadlifts and so much more! Whew! Thanks Joey for keeping me on track.

You can purchase a punch card for 6 sessions with our guest yoga instructor, Michel Le Gribble-Dates.  Click here to view her website: https://www.beombrella.com/   

You may purchase the card at the Front Desk for $70, or purchase one time sessions for $14/each.