Week 4 Session 8: BACK ON TRACK
Yea! Feeling more like my old self, but still a little bit tired. Glad to be here and get my engine revved up! LOST 2 pounds! What a nice bonus! I am happy to report that I only get a little bit of muscle soreness here or there; just enough to make you realize you’re working, but not enough to warrant Advil! Today we mixed up our routine again by adding something new. We increased weights here and there, but continued with core strengthening overall! My legs feel strong, like a tree firmly rooted in the ground! My sides actually are shrinking ever so slightly! Really a lot of body changes in a very short time! Cooler today in the gym which really helps, feeling like I can get enough oxygen when the aerobic portion amps up! Golf courses open this week! Can’t wait to try my first swing!
Oh ya, about being tired…great suggestion by my trainer- maybe do a little meditation (not especially the OHM kind if it’s not for you); but rather just laying down on the floor for a little time out. Take a few moments to slow down, close your eyes, just a 10-20 minutes to let your body recover and be at rest. I am definitely doing this.

Week 4 Session 9 ended abruptly: GOOD NEWS — BAD NEWS
While laying on the floor resting in meditation….a thought came to me about why I had been feeling so tired! I noticed on my Fitbit that I had been waking up many times during the night, not my usual once or twice. I was awakened in the night feeling SO HOT! I discovered I had put on a winter weight comforter by mistake and not the cooler summer one! Changed the comforter I slept like a bear and woke up feeling fresh and full of energy!Now the bad news.. tweaked my back at the PACC. It was not anyone’s fault but my own! Didn’t get hurt while exercising at all! I bent over awkwardly while lifting a barbell to put on a weight and WHACK! I had been feeling so strong and energized I let my guard down! I know how to lift properly, but not this time. Darn it! One step forward, two steps back.
Thankful that my trainer Joey was there to help me stretch it out and provide valuable advice for the weekend! Taking it easy, ice is my friend! I hope to be back in full swing next week..especially since the golf course opens today!

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