Week 5 Session 9: BACK IN THE GAME!
I Started my day with pickleball games to warm up and then onto my Training session. Joey said he may be a little late, but I decided to see if I could get through part of a training session on my own. I have seen other people use a trainer, but after their sessions end they go back to their usual routines and set aside what they had learned. I am determined to utilize this training after our sessions end. So I started with rowing, did the kettle ball/squat routine, goblin squats and calf raises, chopping wood, waist twists and farmer carry! Joey joined me for the last half to wrap up this session. He taught me how to convert free weight exercises to the machines Which will be so helpful when the free-weight area is busy. So I am back on track and learned that I can do this on my own! Feeling empowered!

Week 5 Session 10: SESSION IS OUTSIDE
When Joey said “Let’s go outside today”, my mind said “NOOO”, but my voice said “ok, let’s give it a try”…..dragging my feet all the way to the track! The thing I hate more than anything is running!
I am happy to report it was a really fun and different workout day! Gorgeous weather while we walked around the track and did various exercises at each quarter.
Squats, leg lifts, rows with stretchy bands, push ups..the hour flew by. Best news is there was no track running! Whew!

Week 5 Session 11: THE BEST THING IS…
The best thing about having a personal trainer (at least for me), is you don’t have to plan or think… yep I guess I am lazy in this area of my life. All you have to do is SHOW UP and muster up your “can do” spirit! Everything else the trainer prepares for you! How cool is that? So today’s workout was just that! New things learned in the gym; some easier, some more challenging. But all I had to do was “show up” with a “ can do” spirit! Thanks Joey!

Week 6 Session 12: LADIES GOLF NEXT WEEK!
This is the last week of workouts before golf season begins! Time really has gone by quickly, I am feeling strong and hopeful that my strength and endurance will be prevalent on the course next week. I had to cancel a session when my weekend in the cities was extended, but I am now back on track. Worked heavily in endurance and had a rowing race! Thanks to the PACC embers on cycles that cheered me on!

You can purchase a punch card for 6 sessions with our guest yoga instructor, Michel Le Gribble-Dates.  Click here to view her website: https://www.beombrella.com/   

You may purchase the card at the Front Desk for $70, or purchase one time sessions for $14/each.