The title of the class is sort of misleading. Weightlifting seems like a general term for weight training but it is actually a sport. The sport of Olympic Weightlifting consists of two movements which are the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

For class we start off with a specific warm up, which is overhead squats. This is one of the most challenging movements a person can try. Trainees start with an empty bar and work up in weight. Generally, in 3-week blocks, we do sets of 5 one week, sets of 3 the next week and then heavier sets of 1 the last week and then start over at 5 again. This movement is important for back health, shoulder/scapular stability and hip flexibility required for movements later in the class. This movement also helps with activities of daily living and overall health of the trainee by strengthening the middle and upper back, which promote good posture and shoulder health.

The second part of the class usually involves some part of the Clean and Jerk and is broken into 2 segments. The first segment targets the clean portion of the C/J and the second portion involves the overhead portion of the C/J. The C/J almost always involves heavier weight than the snatch or overhead squat, which is why it’s done later in the class after the trainee has had an adequate warm up. The clean is a versatile movement that the trainee can use to get the bar on their shoulders for front squats, to get to overhead squats or to use for overhead pressing variations.

Learning this movement safely is an important skill to have. Not only does the clean develop strength but it allows you to improvise in the future if there are no squat racks available. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a squat rack for your home gym, you can use your newly developed clean skills to get the bar to your shoulders to at least do front squats or push presses.

The final segment of class is the conditioning portion. This is usually short and sweet, lasting less than 10 minutes. The movements always involve some sort of barbell movement or a combination of 2 or more barbell movements. Occasionally body weight movements like planks, burpees, pushups or even handstand pushups are included.

The class is held every Monday, starts at 5:05-5:15 pm and ends at 6:00 pm. Be sure to ask questions.

Like Firefighter Fit, if there is a movement that the trainee isn’t comfortable with, it can be modified or doesn’t have to be attempted at all.

REMINDER!!! We are closed September 5th.
As much as we would love to see you, we are closed in celebration of labor day. Thank you!