Fitness Classes

The PACC offers a multitude of fitness classes and activities. Check out an overview of our activities below! Want to check out the fitness class calendar? Click below.

HITTThis advanced full-body workout is designed to increase cardiovascular endurance. There are quick bursts of intense work followed by rest periods.

GRIT Strength – This 45 minute HIIT class is designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. This workout uses a variety of equipment including free weights and cardio pieces for a total body burn.

Barbell Strength – This total body strength class uses light-weight barbells and dumbbells to add intensity to your workout. This class focuses on the time under tension for each muscle group, and uses the beat of the music to fuel your workout.

Sticks Kicks & Strength – This class will energize your mind, body and muscles with a mix of aerobic, anaerobic and toning exercises. A fast paced and fun workout that combines choreographed dance, strength and kickboxing as we move to the beat of a variety of music.

Total Body Fit – This cardio-strength class uses interval training to improve muscular strength while getting some cardio in at the same time!

Spin – Led by Tim Meehl on Tuesday and Thursday mornings & Taylin on Thursday evenings. This is series of cycling movements to challenge you physically and mentally. This class will put your muscles to work! You must have a membership AND a 24/7 fob to attend Tim’s class as the facility does not open until 6am.

Silver & Fit – This SilverSneakers ® class is an advanced class for active older adults. This class offers an extended low-impact aerobics section without chair support for 40 minutes. Standing stretches complete this class.

Step & Strength – A 45 minute step aerobics and strength training combo class that is sure to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning! Only 12 spots available per class. All skill levels are welcome.

Silver Sneakers Classic – Have fun & move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.

Passport Club - 1st Edition

The Passport Club is a Find Your Fit program here at The PACC that you can do at your own pace. Sign up at any time, our first registration day for the program is on January 2nd. 

The First Edition of our Passport Club takes you through 8 countries, with 3 landmark stops in each country. Sign up at the Front Desk, get your ‘passport photo’ taken and receive your book! Get started by running, walking, weightlifting, fitness classes, and so much more! Your book has a mileage converter for any activity you can think of. Track your mileage in the back of your book, and when you hit your first landmark you can move your passport photo on the tracking board! The tracking board will be located upstairs near the walking track. 

Every 100 miles you will complete a country, so make sure to stop at the front desk to get your passport “stamped”! Once you complete all 8 countries, you will receive your passport club t-shirt! These t-shirts are exclusively for our passport club members, these shirts are only earned, not purchased! 

Cost to join is $25. To sign up, visit the front desk anytime to get your book!

Call Taylin with any questions – 218.346.9845


The PACC is hosting it’s first every Triathlon! Sign ups begin March 10th, but spots are limited! 

500 Yard Swim, 13 Mile Bike, 5K Run… are you up for the challenge? 

The PACC is hosting it’s 1st Annual Triathlon in April!

This event will consist of a 500 yard swim in the PACC Pool, a 13 mile ride on the stationary bikes, and finish with a 5k run.
There will be a Men’s & Women’s division, must be 13 years or older to participate. You can complete the triathlon individually or as a team!
There will be 5 different waves of times, 6 participants per wave. It is first come-first served, so sign up for your time right away!
Wave times are
How do I sign up?

All sign ups will be online! Click the link here. If you have questions, or you are unable to register call us at 218.346.9844

I want to register as a relay team, how do I do that?

Relay teams area allow at our 8:15am & 9:45am wave. To register as a relay team, only one member of your team needs to register! Failure to register for the proper time slots stated above will cause us to charge you an extra $50 on race day, so please make sure to sign up for the proper wave time. Cost for relays is $90, and you can split that cost up between your team however you see fit!

The wave time I want is full, is there a waitlist?

There will be a waitlist for all wave times, but no wave spot is guaranteed to race on race day unless an athlete drops out. To keep this experience as great as possible, we only allow 6 athletes per wave. 

Where do I check in on race day?

All participants will recieve an email with check in instructions the week of race day. Due to construction in the building we are unsure of what will be open next month, so we want to keep our options open as long as possible! 

REMINDER!!! We are closed September 5th.
As much as we would love to see you, we are closed in celebration of labor day. Thank you!