Do I need to be a member to attend roller skating?

Nope! Whether you are a member or non – member the cost for roller skating is $7/person. We have pre-pay cards with 10 or 28 punches available for purchase.

Can I bring my own skates?

Yes! Please make sure skates are cleaned before bringing to The PACC. No rocks or additional debris. Will be checked by skate attendants.

What door do I enter through? Can I use the back entrance? 

All patrons looking to come to roller skating must use the MAIN PACC Entrance (closest to Subway). Our back entrance is 24/7 access only and is not useable for roller skating attendees. Failure to use the front entrance during roller skating night may subject you to a membership suspension if using your 24/7 access fob improperly. 

How do the pre-pay cards work?

Pre-pay cards allow you to skip most of the lines involved in entering The PACC for roller skating night and will be assigned to a user within our system. Much like a PACC Punch Card, these passes can be used on multiple people if you have more than one person attending the roller skating night. Cards can be purchased on our ticket site here and you will just check in at the front desk upon arrival to roller skating night. 

Will there be concessions?

Yes. We will have pop water and select candy available for purchase. We also have vending machines within the building for additional purchases. 

Can I bring my own skates?

Yes. You will still need to pay the $7/person fee, but your own skates are totally an option. 


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