This week’s supplement of the week is BCAA’s. BCAA is an acronym for branch chained amino acids. The difference in these amino acids compared to other amino acids is that they appear to be responsible for triggering your body into building and preserving muscle.Leucine, icoleucine and valine are the 3 BCAA’s.

Leucine is the one amino acid that has the most effect on triggering muscle growth.

Amino acids on their own build muscle but it is not necessary to take them if you have a diet sufficient in protein. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t or do not need to use them. During a fasted state, usually in the morning, BCAA’s come in handy because they have been shown to protect muscle from breakdown while training in a fasted state.

A good amount to start with is 5-10 grams of powder about 30-45 minutes prior to exercise. Most BCAA drinks taste good but do not mix very easily. I usually mix mine about 15-20 minutes before I plan on drinking it.

BCAA drinks have are generally tolerated well by the stomach and have no known side effects. In extremely high doses, BCAA’s have triggered elevated ammonia levels in the blood.

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