Whey protein is the water soluble protein derived from milk after
separation. It is a very common source of protein among body builders
and athletes.

Whey protein has several benefits
-It is rapidly absorbed into the blood, which is important after a
hard workout.
-It is portable and can be used conveniently for a trainee on the go.
-It can be added to most foods to increase the protein content, such
as oatmeal, cereal or baked goods.
-Gram for gram, it is fairly cheap compared to whole food protein sources
-It can supplement a lack of protein in the diet for individuals who
have aversion to food-people in a disease state, a depressive state or
who generally lack an appetite.
-Health benefits include-acute/short term increase in muscle protein
synthesis (your body building muscle), improved insulin sensitivity
and subjective decrease in appetite.

Because protein in general requires your body to use energy to
metabolize, whey protein is great for those on a calorie restricted
diet. In fact most diets you can subscribe to online, base most of
their supplements around whey protein.

Most of the time, whey tastes great, which makes it appealing over
whole foods after you have had a hard training session.

Those who should be cautious of too much whey are those with
preexisting kidney conditions. However, whey protein or too much
dietary protein will no create a kidney condition.

There are a handful of bulk whey protein suppliers throughout the
world. A lot of the different brand name supplements actually use the
same whey protein in their products.

Overall whey protein is a great supplement for someone to meet their
daily protein requirements. It is convenient and safe for most people.

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