The supplement stack of the week this week is for optimal sleep. Some of this may seem like a lot of work but it takes work to be healthy and sleep well. It’s easy to sit on your phone mindlessly for 3 hours…spend that time making yourself healthy.

2 hours prior to sleep-
Turn off all electronics-blue light has a similar effect on the body as caffeine
Have some carbs-preferably 1/2-1 cup of starchy carbs ex. Jasmine rice
Have some protein-20 grams of Casein
30-60 minutes prior to sleep-
200-400 mg of Magnesium citrate
1-2 grams of Reishi Mushroom
3-5 mcg of Melatonin
1-2 grams of Ashwagandha
3-5 grams of glycine
100-200 mg of Theanine
Other supplements to consider-
300-500 mg of 5-HTP-can interact with anxiety medication
20 mg of Fasoracetam-not a lot of research but it helps me get great sleep (the best supplement I’ve found for enhancing sleep)
The supplements above either help relaxation or reduce anxiety. Anxiety is one of the biggest detriments to sleep and having a routine every night is key. Despite how busy you think you are, if you have a routine you can get things done at home a lot faster. Writing things down on a to do list can also help.
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